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Looking to reduce costs and do something good for the environment? QIS Solarwise is the leading installation solutions provider for energy conservation products and solar power systems throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and greater QLD. The prices of electrical bills from power plants is too expensive and these types of power are destructive to the environment. We wanted to change this, so we started a company to make a difference.

Starting out in Queensland in 1979, we have expanded to servicing the whole of QLD, including the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Kingston, Logan and surrounding suburbs. We also service the greater Australia commercially, installing pool heating for schools, councils, governments and aquatic centres.

Quality above all else

We are proud of our achievements and offer top quality QIS Solarwise solar hot water and power systems systems to name a few, to Queensland residents and businesses, giving them the chance to benefit from the market leading energy saving products that we offer. Solar hot water is produced by innovative technology that transforms sunlight hitting a super absorbent flat plate solar power panel into an abundant supply of heated water directly from the sun. Our prices are of exceptional value and the system pays for itself over time. We ask you, what other products can do this?

Great services, unbelievable prices

Our aim is to offer our clients quality solutions from the loving energy of the sun, with tailored services throughout Logan, Kingston, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and all over Queensland. Creating a comfortable living environment as well as providing on-going savings through greater energy efficiencies for our clients is one of our priorities. Whether it is reducing costs by controlling the temperature of your home with a window tint or insulation, or lighting solutions such as skylights and solar panels, you will find the right service with our team.

As distributors of SolarWise products our key focus areas are:

Making the switch to an eco-friendly solution may be the best choice you’ll ever make for your family home or business. We have an impressive range of solar power solutions in Brisbane with prices that fit easily into your budget. Our experienced team are happy to assist you to ensure you pick a solution that caters to your individual requirements.

Once you have made a decision, our expert installation team can then get to work, completing the job in a timely and cost effective manner so that you can start to reap the benefits sooner.

For more information about our products and/or our services offered in Logan, Kingston and other QLD areas, you can either visit our FAQ page, Contact Us directly or on the same page fill out our simple Exclusive Offer Query form.

We’ve got your comfort covered… all year round.

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Recognised for our expertise, knowledge and industry experience, we provide our Solar Power Solutions and Hot Water Systems with the option of DIY or factory installation.

Areas we services: Whole of Queensland, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and surrounding towns and areas.