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The Company of Choice for Solar Power Systems in Brisbane and South East Queensland

Solarwise was set up in 1992 (QIS in 1979) to manufacture and distribute products on the world wide. Solarwise now manufactures Heat Pumps, Blankets, Rollers and Solar Pool Heating. Today Solarwise is recognised as a leader in the Energy Conservation Industry. Specialising in the supply and installation of Pool Heating, Pool Blankets, Solar Power (grid and off-grid), Solar Hot Water, Air conditioning, Insulation and Ventilation Products for the commercial and domestic markets.

Australian Owned

Solarwise has some of the most experienced staff in the industry and we are proud most of them have been with us for many years. You can rest easy, you are in good hands with our people.

Our Factory

Solarwise products are sold all over Australia and our factory is located in Queensland producing the highest quality products for the Australian climate. Our experienced team are ready to help.

Our Installers

Solarwise does not just manufacture and supply quality solar power products, we also employ specialist installers ensuring your job is done right first time.

40+ Years Of Experience

From humble beginnings Solarwise has grown into a very experienced part of the Queensland manufacturing & retail sector. Delivering Solar, Hot Water, Pool Heating and Air Conditioning for 40+ Years.


Built for Australian Conditions.

Solarwise offers the widest range solutions in the energy conservation and heating fields with optimum performance and reliability. We are trusted government suppliers and design our solutions to Australian Commercial Standards. QIS is licensed under the QBCC License # 722628 in Electrics, Plumbing, Drainage, Roof work and unlimited mechanical design services and we have all the necessary licencing required.

Solarwise: Not Just Solar Power Installation

Our company was founded on the idea that to run your home or business efficiently, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice hard earned money or environmental resources by using the services of power plants. Thus, we wanted to change things. Over the past 40+ years, we have grown from humble beginnings to providing solar power systems to QLD in its entirety, including places such as the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Redland Bay, Capalaba, Birkdale, Thornlands and a variety of surrounding suburbs. Outside of the state, we are known for providing commercial solutions to the country’s councils, government departments, aquatic centres and schools through hot water, pool heating and other systems that make use of solar panels.

Our focus on solar electricity quality

As industry leaders, we provide top of the range products to residents all over the state, allowing them to reap the rewards of using panel technology in their day to day lives. Our hot water designs are made using state of the art technology that allows sunlight to hit an absorbent panel in order to heat up the water your home or business uses. Most importantly, our exceptional quality services don’t come with an expensive price tag. What’s more, is that our products pay for themselves in the money you save in the years following the integration of one of our solar systems.

Great power installations at affordable prices

At Solarwise, our goal is to give our clients the chance to experience incredible energy and money saving solutions all from the power of the sun’s abundant energy. We provide tailored solutions throughout the Gold Coast, Redland Bay, Capalaba, Birkdale, Thorndale, Logan, Brisbane, Kingston and throughout South East Queensland, giving you the chance to experience an amazing home environment all year ‘round while saving money and doing great things for the environment.

Whether it is reducing costs by controlling the temperature of your home with a window tint or insulation, or by utilising lighting solutions such as skylights and solar power panel solutions such as pool blankets and heat pumps, you will find the right service with our team.

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Solar Power Today

Making the switch to eco-friendly solar power systems may be the best choice you’ll ever make for your home or business. At Solarwise, we have an impressive range of solar electricity solutions in Brisbane with prices that fit easily into your budget. Our experienced team are happy to assist you to ensure you pick a solution that caters to your individual requirements.

Once you are ready to make the move to solar power, our professional solar electricity installation team can then get to work, completing the job in a timely and cost-effective manner so that you can start to reap the benefits sooner. With the integration of solar electricity, Brisbane prices for energy consumption are far more affordable.

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