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Solarwise has been an avid supporter of hot water and solar technology since 1979, making a name for ourselves as industry leaders throughout Brisbane. The company was originally formed and known as Queensland Insulation & Solar, with solar water systems stealing the show as its most prominent product. Now we offer a range of items that are great for the environment and your hip pocket, saving you money as your home saves energy. Further to solar hot water we also can provide a supply and installation service for any size of electric or gas hot water.

Our range of solar hot water systems offer quality and affordability no matter the size of house or business.  Talk to Solarwise today to get a more specific quote for your home or business as we do have a range of sizes and types of solar hot water available.

Why choose Solarwise Solar Hot Water?

  • We’ve been installing solar hot water since 1979;
  • We have used many brands out there and know quality materials;
  • Exceptional quality and value for money;
  • 316 grade thick stainless steel tanks in on roof models;
  • Long warranties provided;
  • Excellent after sales service and much more
  •  Massive 10 year tank warranty / 7 year tank warranty and 3 years labour from Solarwise. (12 months on electrical and valves / labour)

Which size best suits me?

All of our products are all designed to save you and your family precious dollars over a long period of time. Recoupe your investment costs in the minimum amount of time due to the extreme efficencies engineered into all of our Solarwise Products. Based on the size of your home and daily habits we will advise you the best size for your needs and the system that makes the most financial sense long term.

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Split System Solar Hot Water

A Solarwise Split System Solar Hot Water is the best choice in most residential situations. A very cost effective choice as well, providing thousands of dollars of savings over its lifetime.

A split system means the tank is located on the ground and then your collector panels go onto the roof (north preferably if possible).

On-Roof Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water

A Solarwise On-Roof System Solar Hot Water is an excellent long term choice for your home. The 316 grade stainless steel tank is proven to last longer than your standard split system so we advise our clients to strongly consider investing a little more money if they are planning on staying at their home for at least 5 years or more.

An on roof system works on natural thermosiphon/gravity feed and is more efficient than a split system (as it has no pump). Also as it is on the roof it does absorb more natural sun light and heats the water more effectively.

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Solarwise are ready to assist our customers affected by flood following the extreme weather conditions experienced in Queensland.

Our thoughts are with communities and emergency services personnel contending with this extreme weather and clean up. If any of the below products have been affected and you require an assessment for repairs/or replacement please do not hesitate to contact us.