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Affordable Solar Power Installations

At Solarwise we provide a range of solar power systems both for our residential clients and larger commercial systems for businesses, factories and the like. Generally, for a residential home in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast you’d be looking at no more than a 5Kw system. Though often our clients may opt for 3, 4 or 5Kw as the most common options for making a wise financial investment and saving lots on your power bill. For a commercial system, at least 10-30Kw. We can fully design and install a solar power system that suits your needs and one that lasts with extended warranties.

Solarwise also provides a wide range of battery options with your grid-connected system (or you can be completely off-grid depending on your budget). We offer Tesla Powerwall 2 which is a simple, low-priced and incredibly effective way to reduce your power bills. We also can provide the wonderful German made Sonnen battery which has a 3 phase battery option available as well for larger systems and homes that have 3 phase appliances such as big ducted air con systems or pool heat pumps for example.Please talk to Solarwise for more tailored and specialised advise as well as specific product recommendations for your home/business and your budget.

3.3kw Solar Power

5.5kw Solar Power

15.4kw Solar Power

Which product best suits me?

All of our products are all designed to save you and your family precious dollars over a long period of time. Recoupe your investment costs in the minimum amount of time due to the extreme efficencies engineered into all of our Solarwise Products. Based on the size of your home and daily habits we will advise you the best size for your needs and the system that makes the most financial sense long term.

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Not all warranties are created equal

Often they aren't worth much more than the paper they are written on!

Hyundai provides the most significant and reliable warranty for a fair and reasonable price. That is why our QLD family business, of over 40 years, chooses to align its preference with Hyundai.

Hyundai is the only solar panel provider to guarantee:

  • A transferable warranty (unlike 95% of other providers)
  • 25 years Product warranty (most are 12 years)
  • 25 years Labour warranty (most are 5 years)
  • 30 years Performance* (most are 25 years)

*Solarwise believe Performance warranties are not really worth much. The real warranty is Product and Labour.

Intelligent, long-term solutions

Solarwise are a unique 40 year old family business in an saturated industry full of cowboys and fly by nighters. Everyday we get calls from people who have been left stranded by the solar company they dealt with who is no longer in business and now they need replacement parts and have no warranty service from this company. This is all too common unfortunately. As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Just going for the lowest price will not often serve you and your family in the long term. Talk to Solarwise for an intelligent, long-term solution.

Solar Power works by saving you thousands each year on your power bills with free power from the sun and also drastically helps with reduce our Carbon emissions as we fight to keep our planet healthy. Solar these days is really a no-brainer, and at Solarwise we will help you work out which system is best for you and your budget. We want to work out reasonable pay-back period for you as well. Talk to us today as well about coupling your solar power with a Tesla or LG battery.

At Solarwise we only use high quality products, tier 1 panels and premium industry leading inverters and accredited, experienced electricians.

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