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Premium Heat Pump Systems for Homes on East Coast Australia

Even on cloudy days, throughout the night, or when the temperature in Kingston, Logan, Brisbane and throughout QLD has hit zero, heat pumps can be sized* to keep a pool at a desirable 28 degrees. Even if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, effective heat pumps for pools are a must for much of the year. This means you’ll have a lovely warm pool all year round without a moment’s disruption.

Affordable Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps start from $1,990 Inc GST supply only for a heater for a small pool.

Why choose Solarwise Pool Heat Pumps?

  • We’ve been advising on the best options and installing pool heaters since 1979;
  • We are a manufacturer and importer of heaters so we have unique knowledge and skills;
  • Our heaters are of exceptional quality and value for money;
  • Long warranties provided;
  • Excellent after sales service and much more

How our efficient pool heat pumps works

Heat pumps draw sun-warmed air from the atmosphere and transfer the heat to your pool, maintaining a desired temperature. This process is highly efficient, requiring minimal amounts of electrical input and subsequently lowering the amount you need to pay for electricity. The advanced cells store power when the sun is shining for you to use when the weather is more grim. SolarWise have the largest range of options available from 6kW up to 430kW. We also specialise in options up to 75oC for Commercial applications.

Our products feature titanium heat exchangers for resistance to chlorine and stainless steel casings for a long and rust-free life. In comparison to other pumps, ours are proven to be 35% more efficient.

By using a Solarwise Thermal Blanket in conjunction with the heat pump, you can reduce your running costs even further.

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At last, cost effective heat pumps with quality components that will make your pool in Brisbane, Logan, Kingston and throughout the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in QLD the perfect temperature to swim in all year ‘round!

We will be more than happy to install our products in your home, to help you see the cost-efficiency for yourself. Ask us how to obtain a free quote on your next service.

For heat pumps, blankets and rollers we can supply these nationwide and install commercially nationwide.

Pool Heat Pumps are our major speciality. We have the skill, knowledge and the expertise in designing and installing heat pumps specific for your pool requirements. We can ensure your pool reaches a set temperature all year round and we also have various price points depending on whether you are after a budget solution or perhaps something more high end. At Solarwise we take the time to assess your situation because there are many options and making the right decision based on how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve can be quite complex.

Heat Pumps (More Energy Efficient)

We developed this advanced technology in 2015 and even received a research and development grant from the Queensland Government to continue our work in this space. As such, the MEE is really the cream of the crop when it comes to heat pumps for our more discerning clients residentially or more specifically for commercial pools. The MEE saves a great deal on running costs and because of its longer life, more trusted performance and overall efficiency it is worth the extra capital expenditure initially as it will pay for itself in a short period of time.

Aspect Heat Pumps

These are made to a price point and are not a product we recommend but rather just to meet and match lower grade products out there on the market as a comparison.

Comet and Miracle Heat Pumps

Both the Comet and Miracle Heat Pumps are imported from China and are then fully checked and tested here in Australia by our qualified technicians and refrigeration mechanics. These are very high quality heat pumps that meet our high standards. We offer them residentially and commercially for a better price point than our Australian made product simply due to the economics of building product in China.

Solarwise Exclusive heat pumps are better suited to our more discerning clients. It’s like our MEE product just without the additional advanced technology so you can still have the cream of the crop in terms of performance and longevity at a bit less than our MEE. And it’s still Australian made.

If you like our range of heat pumps, you might also like our solar heating solutions and pool blankets.

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