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Pool Humidifiers for Australian Indoor Pools

Maintaining an indoor pool is highly important for the lifespan of the room your pool is located in, in addition to the pool itself. A humidifier is necessary due to the heating of pool water resulting in the release of moisture into the air. This moisture sets about creating mould mildew due to the large chlorine content – this is particularly troublesome as moisture can seep into crevices, and the resulting mould becomes much more difficult to remove than standard surface mould. Depending on how long this continues for, the end result can prove incredibly costly.

Solarwise Pool Blankets eliminate the loss of 90% of heat from the surface at night.

A dehumidifier is an important tool in way for pool room humidity to remain under control at all times, which ensures problematic environmental issues do not occur. Solarwise offer dehumidifiers to complement a variety of indoor pool rooms to ensure maximum efficiency is afforded to your indoor pool setup.

In addition to the potential for mildew and mould to accumulate with humidity, having a dehumidifier allows for the stabilisation of temperature in your pool room. This stabilisation can lead to energy savings due to the temperature balance that the dehumidifier provides, ruling out the need to heat or cool the air to compensate for pool temperature.

Don’t wait any longer to dehumidify your space

Whether your house or commercial business is located in Queensland, Sydney or Melbourne, the selection of humidifiers we offer at Solarwise will mean that humidification will be a problem for you no longer. Rest assured that the solution we provide will be personalised to your environment.

If you have any questions about pool dehumidifiers or how they will be incorporated into your specific pool, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. If you are interested in our pool dehumidifiers, you might also be curious about the solar pool heating and pool blankets available at Solarwise.

Solarwise are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of pool dehumidifiers in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia wide. We have been involved in the area for over 20 years and are proud to offer the highest quality and most energy efficient system on the market, and our product is ever evolving. We are always making our product even better! We know how to ensure your indoor pool environment operates at the optimum temperature, for the air and for the pool, and keeping your running costs right down. With a Solarwise pool dehumidifier you heat your pool for free.

Choose Solarwise for an exceptionally high quality long term solution. One that is also Australian made and wonderful value for the components used. Only Solarwise has an unlimited design licence for mechanical and refrigeration. Solarwise is also the recipient of 3 Federal Government Grants for its Research and further Development of the product. We are proud to have offered this to many aquatic centres throughout Australia and even overseas in countries like Dubai and Singapore.

Contact one of our specialists today at Solarwise and we can advise you the size and price of a custom unit to suit your needs.

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