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Avoid Mould and Heat with
Solar Roof Ventilator
Up to 15x more efficient than a Whirlybird
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Welcome to Solarwise Solar Roof Ventilators

Create a healthier and more comfortable living environment with our state-of-the-art Solar Roof Ventilators. Designed to effortlessly balance the temperature in your home, our Solar Ventilators effectively filter out humidity and heat, ensuring optimal living conditions year-round.
Illume surface mount

Solar Advantage

Moisture and humid air accumulating in your roof cavity can lead to serious issues such as mildew, damaged plasterboard, weakened building materials, and even electrical problems.
Our Solarwise Solar Ventilator is engineered to combat these challenges.
Unlike traditional wind-driven turbine roof ventilators that can be inefficient and noisy, our Solar Roof Ventilator operates silently whenever the sun is shining, purging warm air from your roof cavity.

Key Features:

Efficient Air Exchange:

With a capacity of 31 m3/min (cubic metres per minute) or 1868 m3/h (cubic metres per hour), our Solar Roof Ventilator outperforms traditional options, exchanging more than fifteen times more air than a whirlybird.

Thermostat Operation:

Our ventilator is equipped with a thermostat for intelligent operation, cutting in at 28 + 3°C and cutting out at 20 + 5°C.

Patented Fan Blade:

The non-corrosive turbine fan blade is patented for optimal performance and durability.

Powerful Motor:

The Featuring a 12W Brushless DC Motor, our Solar Roof Ventilator operates with efficiency and minimal vibration.

Model KSV200:

The Our top-of-the-line model ensures superior ventilation for spaces up to 185m2.

Key Features:

Moisture and Heat Reduction:

Effectively reduces moisture, mould, and heat levels in your home.

Solar-Powered Efficiency:

Fully solar-powered with no operating costs, providing an eco-friendly solution.

Electrical System Protection:

Helps prevent damage to electrical systems caused by humidity.

Reliable Operation:

Doesn't rely on wind velocity, ensuring consistent performance.

Energy Cost Savings:

Reduces cooling energy costs, contributing to a more sustainable home.

Adaptive Speed Control:

Auto-adjusts speed to available sunlight for optimal performance.

Durable Construction:

Durable with rust-resistant steel, tempered glass solar panel, and non-corrosive aluminum fan for lasting performance.


With a DC brushless motor, we recommend one unit per 180m2 of roof area.


Assumes suitable access for installation. May be subject to further detail /photos being provided

1 story install


inc gst fitted

2 story install


inc gst fitted



605W x 605D x 230H



Under Roof Capacity:

185m2 per unit


Upgrade your Solar Roof Ventilator with our accessories:
image 39

Round Vent Duct

400mm x 2.0m
image 40

Square Vent Duct

400mm x 2.0m
image 41

Eave Vent

150 x 75mm
image 42

Ember & Pest Shield

2mm Aperture
image 43

AC Power Adaptor

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