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Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T)
LED Skylights
Surface-Mount Skylight Alternative
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Experience Natural Light Anywhere with illume Skylight Alternatives

Discover the extraordinary with our innovative illume Surface-Mount Skylight Alternative, a game-changer for bringing natural light to areas where traditional skylights can’t reach. Using cutting-edge Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T), our solution transforms any room into a well-lit haven, eliminating the need for a light shaft, flexible tube, or expansive roof cavity.
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Elevate Your Space with Dynamic Lighting

Unlock a new realm of possibilities for renovators with illume Surface-Mount Skylight Alternative. Now, you can effortlessly infuse any room, on any level, with beautiful, dynamically lit spaces even in the darkest corners of your home or workspace.
Illume surface mount skylight flyer

Seamless Installation Anywhere

The illume Surface-Mount Skylight Alternative is designed for versatility. Install it effortlessly in any room, on any level, without the constraints of a light shaft or flexible tube. Perfect for spaces with timber or tin ceilings, our surface-mount models seamlessly integrate without disrupting insulation or electrical cabling.
Our surface-mount models offer the ability to include dynamic lighting into tricky situations where a conventional skylight cannot be fitted such as timber and tin ceilings. Also, illume surface-mount models do not interfere with insulation and electrical cabling.

Key Advantages of an illume System

Preserves Insulation and Noise Rating:

Does not impact insulation (R-value) or noise rating (NCR).

Flexible Installation:

Works without the need for a light shaft or flexi-tube, allowing installation almost anywhere.


Suitable for various roof types, including tile or metal deck roofs.

Water-Tight Design:

Fully sealed unit that will not leak or collect bugs, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.

Environmentally Friendly:

Preserves a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment by blocking UV, heat, and noise transfer.

No Power Required:

No batteries or mains power needed, offering a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution.

Choose Your Size

Explore the illume Surface-Mount Skylight Alternative in different sizes to suit your space:

Illume surface mount skylight flyer


Assumes suitable access for installation. May be subject to further detail /photos being provided

300mm Square or 350mm Round


inc gst fitted

400mm Square


inc gst fitted

Illuminate your space without limits

Experience the brilliance of illume Ambient Light Technology and transform your home or workspace into a haven of natural light. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!
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