Why we support the Mabel Olive Airi Foundation

At Solarwise we put our support behind the Mabel Olive Foundation because it has affected our family personally. Mabel is the niece of Christopher and the Granddaughter of Sue and Steven. We only knew her for such a short time and her death shocked all of us to the very core. It’s been devastating and much much worse for her lovely parents (Carly and John) and daughter Ruby. We really want to spread the word about this awful tragedy so that other parents and family can pick up on the signs of Meningitis sooner. Currently, there is very little information around meningitis and, despite getting to the hospital early, the clinicians missed the signs and symptoms. We all hope that we can help save another child. We will never forget sweet Mabel.

How you can show your support...

Solarwise will be donating $50 from every sale to support this worthwhile foundation. You can read Mabel’s story and find out out more ways to support the foundation on the website: www.mabeloliveairi.org