Heat Things Up with Premium Pool Blankets in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

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Solarwise are manufacturers of many different domestic & commercial pool blankets & cover roller products throughout Brisbane, Logan, Kingston and QLD, including;

  1. Bubble Blankets
  2. Thermal solar pool blankets – Which are up to 200% more resistant to heat losses.
  3. Heavy duty stainless steel rollers with domestic & commercial options.
  4. Motorised roller systems

Why choose our solar technology?

  1. Stop up to 97% evaporation
    An average domestic pool can save up to 10,000 litres per month in summer with a properly fitted blanket
  2. Heat your pool by up to 8 degrees
    Turn your pool into a giant solar collector with a properly fitted solar pool blankets.
  3. Reduce chemical costs
    Stop chemicals dissipating off the surface and help maintain balance by reducing evaporation with a properly fitted pool blanket
  4. Keep leaves and debris out
    A properly fitted pool blanket will ensure no bird droppings, dust or leaves enter your pool

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When spread over the surface, the SolarWise Blanket eliminates the loss of 90% of heat from the surface at night.

For more information, contact us.

More about our products

As an added advantage, these solar pool blankets and pool cover roller prevents the loss of water and valuable chemicals to evaporation. For indoor structures in QLD areas like Logan and Kingston, this means no more condensation and corrosion damage.

Consisting of a UV stabilised white form core, with special cross-linked cell structure, these products are very flexible and very strong.

Each item can be custom made with sewn edges and hinged folds to precisely fit the right size. When rolled up the product occupies half the space of the conventional Bubble Cover. Standard-size rollers will handle even the largest of covers. So it’s easier to roll and unroll. They are lightweight, of durable construction and has twice the life expectancy of the Bubble Cover. We’ve got you covered even longer!

Even in the warmer months, early morning water temperatures are usually less than inviting. A Solarwise Pool Blanket offers the solution.

These blankets are acknowledged to be the most effective pool insulation available. They are like a doona for your pool, keeping everything warm even during the cooler months.

Made especially for pools without other forms of heating, a pool cover roller will provide an extra 8 weeks swimming season for you and your family.

SolarWise products are inexpensive and save on chemicals.

Experience the difference of the right blankets for your pool today

If you are looking to invest in a Solarwise product for your Brisbane, Kingston, Logan or surrounding QLD home, contact us today on 1800 805 287.

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