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QIS was founded in 1980

SolarWise was set up in 1992 to manufacture and distribute products on the international market. SolarWise now manufactures Heat Pumps, Blankets, Rollers and Solar Pool Heating.

Today QIS Solarwise is recognised as a leader in the Energy Conservation Industry. Specialising in the supply and installation of Solar Power (grid and off-grid), Solar Hot Water, Air conditioning, LED lights, Pool Heating, Insulation and Ventilation Products for the commercial, domestic and industrial markets.

QIS offers the widest range of insulation solutions with optimum insulation performance. They are trusted government suppliers and design their solutions to Australian Commercial Standards. QIS is licensed under the QBSA License # 722628

QIS is licensed under the QBSA License # 722628 in Electrics, Plumbing, Drainage, Roof work and unlimited mechanical design services and all the necessary licencing required.

ASIC Records for QIS SolarWise

In just 30 minutes, enough sunlight hits Earth to power us for an entire year.

We have the technology and we have the space.
There is no shortage of roof space on our houses, shops, businesses and factories to accommodate solar panels to power our lives.
However right now, our energy intensive lifestyles rely on all the fossil fuels that have been stockpiled in the earths crust over the past 100 million years or so. We are burning these fossil fuels at such a great rate and chopping down trees at the same time we are asphyxiating our planet. Over 90% of Australias electricity is sourced from fossil fuels. Australia is the worst polluter per capita on Earth. But there is something you can do about it.

Today, your home can be entirely energized by an endless supply of electricity made from sunlight, with surplus power being fed into the grid. In effect, your home can become a mini power station, earning you financial credits that reduce yor annual power bill.

Solarwise proudly offers you unique solutions in the design and installation of its renewable energy systems. These focus on efficient use of power and include a thorough assessment of client requirements by out team of professionals.

The renewable energy solution will be custom designed for your individual application.

At solarwise, our dream is that solar electricity will be used in every home and business in the world, affording humankind an economical, energy efficient, perfectly clean, environmentally harmonious and endlessly renewable source of power.

We look forward to assisting you to make the switch to clean, green solar energy

SolarWise HQ Staff Photo

QIS Solarwise Head Office at Kingston

Builders Golf Day

Below is an image taken from The Annual Network Builders Golf Day, which celebrates the coming together of builders and suppliers. At Solarwise, we are huge supporters of industry, and what a way to celebrate!

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Recognised for our expertise, knowledge and industry experience, we provide our Solar Power Solutions and Hot Water Systems with the option of DIY or factory installation.

Areas we services: Whole of Queensland, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and surrounding towns and areas.